JadaSite has a concept of section. In some inventory systems, they are often referred to as categories. Section is a way to group contents or items together. You can create a section called Sports that contains sporting news or sporting goods items. You can also have a mixture of sports news content and sporting goods items in the same section.

Administrative users can add section items, remove section items and modify section items. Sections are structured in a hierarchical manner and you can have more than one level of section items.

Navigation is done by moving the mouse over to the section items displayed on the left navigation panel. Right click and a pop-up context menu will be displayed with available options. If you are on the root level (labeled as Home), you will see the following options.

  • Append Child Section
  • Resequence Children. If the mouse is over the section items, you will see these options.
  • Append Child Section
  • Create Section Before
  • Create Section After
  • Resequence Children

Append Child Section

Allows you to create a section item as a children of another section item that you have right clicked on. If one or more section item already exists, the new section item will be created at the end of the list and will be labeled as New section.

Resequence/remove Children

Allows you to sort the list of section items in a different order. In addition, this option allows removal of one of more section items on the same level.

Create Section Before

Allows you to create a section item and place it just before the section item that you right clicked on.

Create Section After

Allows you to create a section item and place it just after the section item that you right clicked on.

Once you have created a section item, you can modify the following properties for the section.

Section Short Title - Short title of the section. Title. Title (longer title) of the section.

Description - Description (or full description) of the section.

Published - Publish or activate this section item.

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