Create content

Selects Content on the top navigation menu. Clicks new to create content.

Publish on - Date when this content should becomes active.

Expire on - Date when this content should becomes in-active.

Published - Specify if this content should be published (active).

Title - Short title for the content.

Description - Short preview paragraph of the content.

Content - The full content.

HTML title tag - The wording to be used for HTML title tag when this item is shown. If not specified, the short description for this item is used. This provides a way to specify a different verbiage for search engine.

Once the content is created, the following additional information can be modified.

Add related content

Clicks Options -> Add related content under 'Related content' tab.

Add images

Images can be included in the description field. Alternately, images can be added via Options -> Upload new image. Images that are uploaded here are managed by system and will be show to customers via the images preview control.

Configure menus

This option allows you to configure the menu to show this content when it is clicked by customers. Selects Options -> Selects menu under Menus tab. Since each sub-site has its own menu set, ensure you select the menu that belong to the desired sub-site.

Configure categories

Content can be grouped by categories. This is to allow easy management of content and to provide a way to navigate the content by categories. Selects Options -> Pick category under Category tab.

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