To create item

Item type - Selects the type of item from the list. Once the item is created, item type cannot be modified.

Custom attribute group - Selects the custom attribute group to be used for this item. This value can only be set during creation of the item.

Sellable - Identify if the item is sellable. For example, the item may be already part of a bundle item and should not be selling alone.

Publish on - Date when the item should becomes active.

Expire on - Date when the item should becomes in-active.

Shipping type - The shipping type of the item. This value determine the shipping charge of this item during check-out.

Product class - The product classification of this item. This information is used for tax calculation. For example, it can be setup to be dairy, child's clothing and regular class. This is because some state charge taxes differently for these categories.

Published - Specify if this item should be published (active).

Cost - Cost of the item.

Price - Regular price of the item.

Special price - Special price of the item.

Special price publish on - Date when the special price becomes active.

Special price expire on - Date when the special price becomes in-active.

Item UPC code - Universal product code of the item

Item SKU code - Stock keeping code of the item. All items should have their own SKU code and cannot be duplicated. For SKU items, this code is automatically generated based on the attributes from its template item.

Short description - Short description of the item.

Description - Long description of the item.

HTML title tag - The wording to be used for HTML title tag when this item is shown. If not specified, the short description for this item is used. This provides a way to specify a different verbiage for search engine.

Once the item is created, the following additional information can be modified.

Tier pricing - Allows user to create unlimited number of multiple quantity discount by customer classification. For example, you can setup the item such that if the customer buys one unit, it is 9.99. If the customer buys 2, it is 14.99. In addition, if the customer sign-on to the system and he is classified as a platinum wholesale customer, he can buys 10 for 49.99. In addition, tier pricing is control by publish and expire date and it can be effective only for a predetermined period of time.

Custom attributes - If a custom attribute group is selected, custom attributes in the group will show up in this section for user to configure. If the custom attribute is of type 'user selects from dropdown', a dropdown list is presented for user. If the custom attribute is of type 'user input', user can key in the desired information. If the custom attribute is of type 'SKU makeup', a dropdown list presented and the combination of all 'SKU makeup' custom attributes cannot be the same of any one of SKU item that is part of the same template item.

Related items - Related items are items that can go hand in hand with the item that the customer is viewing. In the case of man's shirt, its related item can simply be a tie. Hopefully, when the customer is buying the shirt, he might also buy a matching tie to go with it.

Up-sell items - These are items that are shown at the item page hoping customer will be buying these items instead of the item that the customer is viewing. These items are usually the similar items that the customer might also be interested that can generate a better profit. In the case of man's shirt, it can simply be one that has a higher price tag.

Cross-sell items - Cross-sell items are items that will be display during the checkout process. These items are usually impulse items and the concept is the same as displaying small items at the supermarket checkout counter.

Images - These are images for the product. More than one image is supported per item. There is always one default image. Default image is the image to be displayed when only one image is required. If the image is larger than 600px x 600px, it is scaled down.

Menus - Selects the menus to show this item.

Category - Selects the categories for this item. More than one category can be assigned to item.

Comments - This section shows all the comments entered by customer for this item.

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