JadaSite is bundled with a web poll functionality. Administrative user can activate/deactivate poll. In addition, polls can be setup in advance and automatically activated by setting the publish date and expiry date.

Create a poll

To create a poll, go to Module -> Poll

Poll topic - Topic of the poll to be shown on the site.

Publish on - The date when this poll should be published.

Expire on - The date when this poll should be expired.

Published - To or not to publish this poll.

Once this poll is created, you can starts adding response to the poll.

To create new response, enter the new response and clicks Add.

To remove existing responses, select responses from the list and click Remove. Please be aware that vote counts (if it is an existing poll) for the responses will be removed at the same time.

To re-sequence existing responses, enter a sequence number and click Resequence.

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