JadaSite is shipped with a default template and is named as 'default'. In addition to the default template, JadaSite supports plug and play templates, and encourages creation of new templates and modification to already created templates.

As a site administrator, the easiest method is to use the default template shipped by JadaSite. Alternatively, JadaSite templates can be download from other places. Once a template with a more appropriate theme is obtained, the template can simply be uploaded via the administration module and configured for the site to use. Sometimes, no existing templates with the exact right theme can be found (cause the requirement is so unique) and a new template should be created from scratch. In this case, JadaSite has a framework for template creators to use.

Template is a collection of files including HTML, style sheets and image files. The default template shipped with JadaSite has all the files required. However, the files in the default template cannot be modified. If there is a need to modify the template files, you can create a new template with the file that you like to modify and JadaSite is smart enough to pick up the rest of the files from the default template.

Lastly, users can uploaded predefined templates and JadaSite provides users with a user interface to change and fine-tune the uploaded templates..
In this section, we will concentrate on how a predefined template can be uploaded, as well as the tools that are provided to create new template and to modify existing templates.

Location of template files

The default template that is shipped with JadaSite is located in the war file that is deployed to the application server. This template is located in the following location within the war file.

Other templates are located in the following location.

Uploads a predefined template

Templates can be uploaded via Public Site -> template. Clicks new to upload template.

Template jar file - Browse for the template jar file on your local machine. The template jar file should have an extension of '.jar'. Note: The text box for template jar is disabled. Please use the browse button to locate the template jar file.

Template name - Do not use. This is only used when a new template is to be created manually.

Description - Description of the template.

Clicks create to upload the template to the server. Once created, the uploaded jar will be expanded and individual files are created on the server. This template is now ready for use.

Creates a new template

A new template is usually created when no predefined templates are suitable. Another possible reason is that the default template is good enough for the most part, but you would like to override a small number of pages to twist the look and feel.

Templates can be created via Public Site -> template. Clicks new to create template.

Template jar file - Do not use. This is only used for uploading existing template jar file.

Template name - Enter the name of the template. Please ensure no special characters is used since it will becomes a directory on your server.

Description - Description of the template.

Clicks create to create the template on the server. Once created, an empty directory is created on the server and a template navigation screen is displayed on the browser.

Remove selected - Remove the selected files and directories from the server. If directories are selected, all files in the directories are removed.

Upload new file - Upload a new file onto the server. Once clicked, you can browse for a new file on your local machine. Click Confirm and the local file will be uploaded.

Create directory - Creates a new directory in the current location. Click Create directory, enter new directory and click Confirm.

To edit a file, click on the file name. Edit the content of the file and click Save. Only text file can be edited. Images and files that are not text can not be edited.

To navigate to sub-directories, click on the name of the directory.

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