Tutorial - content creation

This tutorial is to show you how to create a simple piece of content.

Step 1

Go to menu and clicks Content..

Step 2

Clicks New to create a new content.

Step 3 - Enters information for the content to be created.

Enter the following information and clicks Save.

Publish On You can leave this as the current date.
Expire On You can leave this as 12/31/2999.
Published Check this field.

Enters 'Welcome to our phone center'.

Description Enters 'Here you find our the latest selection of smart phones'.
Content Enters 'We have one of the largest selection of cell phones online, we carry all the leading brands and models'.

Step 4 - Associate this content to category, Phone.

Clicks Options -> Pick Category.

Selects the checkbox besides Phone and clicks confirm.

Step 5- View the content.

You can now view the content by clicking on Phone on the menu.

If you follow multi-store creation tutorial, you can access the phone store using the following URL.

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